Computerized Maintenance Management System Services

Maintenance & Integrity Programs
Maintenance & Integrity Programs

In addition to Maintenance Reviews, Straker Energy offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at ensuring your Maintenance Management System is accurate, comprehensive, and up to date.

Computerized Maintenance Management System Services

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) - Data integrity assessment and improvement. 

Our services include the following:

  • Equipment Records - Application of a globally consistent class library and Global Equipment Standards, in conjunction with Equipment Make and Model, creating a basis for accurate applicability of equipment strategies and failure class analysis
  • Functional Location Hierarchy - A complete and accurate hierarchical structure, identifying all process functions and technical objects for capturing quality equipment reliability information, that can be applied across similar equipment structures
  • Equipment Criticality - Accurate and consistent allocation of criticality standards across all equipment and locations. This helps to focus and prioritize work efforts on the most important equipment at the right time
  • Standardized PM’s - Applies a suite of globally consistent equipment strategies to required equipment based on equipment class and criticality
  • Localized PM’s - Creates or modifies standard PMs to include site, local or regional level information taking into account criticality, equipment reliability performance, modifications, equipment-specific strategies, local or regulations, seasonality, and other applicable information
  • Packaged PM’s - Group or Nest multiple activities under one PM. This reduces permitting, production impacts, efficiency of resources, and reduces risk by less isolations and less equipment shut down and startups
  • Level Loading - A smooth resource plan is required for the optimum utilization of maintenance resources
  • Bill of Materials - A comprehensive list of spares required to maintain the piece of equipment per the equipment strategy